Friday, September 13, 2019

Ghats of Banaras

Banaras,the most Ancient city ,it's rich culture, also being born  there, I am a little more inclined towards the place.

  The Charismatic beauty of the ghats of Banaras are difficult to explain in words

.Ghats have the unique  combination of the life and death playing together, realizing us about the biggest truth of life.

Few Ghats are having Aarti, puja and the celebration of life going on. While another Ghat is having the cremation going day and night.
We have lots of mythological stories relating them all.

And, of course, our Maa Ganga,  is connecting one and all. All the day and night, People take the dip in the holy river.
Morning and Evening Aartis are major attractions to watch and definitely takes us to some another world.

 The place is also famous for Banarasi Silk, Banaras ka paan, Banaras ka Madari, Banarasi Sadhu ,hundreds of temples and also the streets of Banaras and the food and.. The list goes on with

It is said, Once you have been there, the  place makes us to think being watching the life more closely.

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